Interviewing a Cat — All about a Cat’s Perspective

We have seen pet parents usually discuss a lot about their pets. For pet parents, everything their pets do, makes them feel good and everything they go through becomes their major concern. And by far, we have laid more emphasis on providing the best treatments to combat parasites from your cat. But, it’s high time we focus on what a cat thinks and how she actually feels when we are so obsessed with her issues and providing solutions. What does she suffer, what does she cherish? What the kitty wants to say about those pesky parasites, after all, they attack her and not you! Pet parents experiment by giving her different treats and different treatments, but how good it would be if she tells everything so that you no more have to play the guessing game forever.

So, today by keeping our opinions aside, let’s fetch upon what a kitty has to say about these things that we’re gonna put forward.

Okay! First, let’s make her feel comfortable….

Q. Hello Kitty! We all address you like a cat, kitty, and a lot more but tell me what would you like us to call you?

A. Meeeeoowwwwhello….My name is Orea but my mommy calls me with many names such as kittie, furry ball, cuddle the baby, and I feel so good when she addresses me by such names.

Q. Why is your name Orea? I mean it’s surely good but why Orea as a permanent name?

A. It’s easy and actually visible too. My fur is a blend of black and white which makes it a purrfect Orea color combination. And not to forget, my mommy loves Orea!

Q. I heard that you were at a shelter home? So, how did you end up over here?

A. Well, Yes, I was in a shelter home but you have no idea that I was a stray cat before and a human-angel took me to a shelter home. I was happy earlier to have shelter and protection. But staying there was a tough task. Too many cats that I felt suffocated at times. And when someone came to adopt other cats I felt bad when no one chose me. But, one fine day my mommy came along with daddy and you know what, I was the first one mommy picked and that’s how I am here at my abode with my loved ones.

Q. What’s the most amazing thing that has ever happened to you?

A. So, when I came home for the very first time, I was perplexed about almost everything happening around. I was unsure about how will I be able to gel up or even understand what my mommy is trying to tell me. But, my mommy and daddy are the best because they trained me with all their patience, love, and care. And it was the most amazing feeling to learn the ways to communicate with mommy and understand everything they tell me.

Q. That’s intense! Okay so let’s talk about your other interests…Play? Sleep? Food?

A. The world thinks it to be sleep because it’s our inbuilt capacity to sleep but trust me it’s all about food and playing. Actually, it’s a cycle, something like play, eat, sleep and repeat.

Q. What’s your favorite treat?

A. Oh please, don’t even ask me that. I know mommy will give me that look but trust me I love it all that’s served in my mommy and daddy’s plate. That surely doesn’t mean that they don’t give me tasty treats, it’s just that I love human-food more. But, you know mommy doesn’t allow human food. She feels it’s toxic for me but she doesn’t know that besides human food there are other humans, who come from nowhere and pat me, cuddle me or even kiss me… Yaakksss. They are toxic.

Q. Haha, I can understand but now tell me the most important thing. What do you want to say about fleas and ticks?

A. I really don’t have to say anything about them, they might be around and listen to our conversation and again infect me. I hate the way they come from nowhere or you can say everywhere and the itching, scratching, and discomforts are unbearable.

Q. What type of treatments your mommy gives you to keep those creepy creatures away and if you could what would you like to have as a treatment?

A. Yes, this is what I want to share. Thank you for god’s sake to ask for asking me this question because mommy applies those itchy, greasy liquid on my back and I just can’t take its smell. One time mommy even tied a collar on my neck and it was even worse because it infected my neck and the most discomforting stuff ever. But, she also gave me those treats one day which she thought I wouldn’t get to know that they’re treatments and not treats. The thing is I gulped those tabs because they were tasty and bearable.

Great, so this was the core information that we needed from a cat. So, pet parents, what do you think? How easy it could be if your cats could clearly communicate. But, no one understands your kitty more than you, not even herself. So, you would surely choose the best for her.

Cat care is the most important part of keeping your cat healthy and happy. However, the truth is that cat care is largely about showing your cat love and affection.